Samstag, 19. September 2015

Welcome to Hill House

You know this one, right? Or at least of one of the three "this one"s:

1963 - "The Haunting" classic b&w movie

1999 - remake of the same, with good actors but suffering badly from being a CGI-vehicle (you know, around 2000, when CGI just went from being this amazing new thing from Jurrassic Park and was turning just affordable enough to use by the boat load, but new enough to (over)use as the main selling point of a movie)

1959 - "The Haunting of Hill House" by Shirley Jackson

I'm a sucker for scary stories, and for old buildings and houses, and especially for what one might call chamber play stories, were you have a few characters in an isolated environment which, wanting to or not, they slowly explore.

And now I'm immersing myself in the book, following the protagonists, especially Eleanor, as they arrive in Hill House and enter it, and I am noticing that though they speak of taking notes, they aren't. So, being a terrible quibbler who can go on and on about details and the meaning if words and secondary characters and their importance ...

... I'm following them into the house, and I'm taking notes.

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